what's diference of "under my skin " and " the best daming things"

March 12, 2008 9:26pm CST
avril lavigne is a cool girl as we all know. I was very when I listened to her first albm. such as " nobody's home" "skii`boy" .now the best daming things is also impresing.I think avril lavigne'style is more mature. what do you think.
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• China
13 Mar 08
I agree with you,Avil Lavigne is a great singer in my mind.She has grown up already,so it is nature to be more mature as the days went by,and I will support her all the time no matter how she changes the singing style.
• China
13 Mar 08
yes ,Avil Lavigne is a great singer.
• India
19 Apr 08
yeah she is a cool musician.... but somehow i feel she has been influenced b other augleira-ish sort of music she became what she is feom her first two albums which were dark and mesterious and lets face it the best damn thing is not that great she should stop trying to jump on the bandwagon but do what she does best
@daababy (219)
• United States
15 Apr 08
Under my skin; is more punkish music. The best damn thing is really girly. I am a huge Avril Lavigne fan. I dislike how she went to puck to girly. Her new music is missing something..
@ranki_wj (49)
• China
10 Apr 08
A great singer would always sing for herself. Avril is such a star, so unique so impressive. It was almost 6 years ago that I heard the 1st song of her("complicated), and she bacame irreplaceable in my life since then. She's just a green girl when I knew her, and now she has married and living happily. Time files, she's still there singing, and we are still crazy about her songs, no matter old ones or the "maturer" new ones. She'd never be the same old Avril 6 years ago, but we love her all the same!!!