would you let your boyfriend or husband be close friends with a female?

United States
March 12, 2008 9:34pm CST
I want to know if you were in a relationship would you allow your boyfriend or husband be close friends with a female that you know or never met?Even if they claimed to be friends before you two got together.He does things for this female all time and even got her a cellphone.Would you let this relationship go on?
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@busta1baby (1238)
• United States
28 Apr 08
• United States
14 Mar 08
I think the key words in your question is those you dont know or never met. My husband doesnt have that many friends locally because he moved here from another state. I dont mind that he has female friends but I do expect to be introduced to them. I have many friends that are male and some are close in that I talk to them on a regular basis, but I am very open with my husband about who my friends are. i love him so much and when we were first dating it was soooooooo important for me to have him meet all of my friends. He knows my male friends today just as well as I do. He and I respect each other in this way. I would get suspicious if all of a sudden got a new female friend that he didnt want to introduce me to..now that usually means trouble. If he doesnt want you to meet her then I would be concerned. Tell him that you would like to meet her and that you guys should go to dinner together. if he says no or tries to avoid the suggestion...yikes!
@subha12 (18453)
• India
13 Mar 08
it depends on the trust level and he type of person he is. actually in pure friendship it does not matter. if there are something like giving her a cell phone and all, i will not allow. its more than friendship.
@gabrielle47 (1221)
• Philippines
13 Mar 08
Well I would allow him to be close friends with a female but there has to be some limitations. Also, your mate has to assure you what the relationship is and he should introduce you to her or get to know his circle fo friends for you to trust him. Its one way to show that he wants you to trust him. Its also to show that whoever he gets acquanted into whether official business or just anything that you trust him. However, when he starts treating the girl more than just friends and doing favors that he is giving in to the flirting ways of the girl, hey that maybe something else. Also, if your mate starts talking about the girl all the time, it may be wise to talk to him about it as there maybe something going on and maybe wise to let him distance from that girl.
@SweetTrix (1071)
• United States
13 Mar 08
My fiance has a lot of close friends and many of them are females, when I didn't know them I would wonder, but I know all his friends now ans hang out with them. Now if he bought them a cell phone I would be pi§§ed since he hasn't even bought me one, lol. Their have been a couple girls that I have caught flirting with him hardcore and told him that I don't want him talking to them, he cut off all contact with because he knows my feelings are more important. I don't mind an innocent flirt but when the girls are touching him or talking about wanting to do him, yea screw that. I'm not gonna let that slide. He has a really good friend and they have been friends before me and him even met and he told me everything that happened between them which wasn't much plus she has a husband and lives in Spain now. But anyways back to the subject, I would talk to him about the situation and tell him how it makes me feel, if it's a friend thats like a sister to him them I can see him helping them out, buying her a phone is kinda stretching it, now if he is paying for it too, yea......... thats not a good sign in my opinion at least. I hope you get this resolved. •¤•Good Luck•¤•