I don't get them

@ciades (1624)
March 13, 2008 2:54am CST
People power was founded by Philippines Former President Cory Aquino. She Fight for filipino freedom from the corrupt Filipino leaders. The people bind there power together to stop the wrong Administration. WE proud And we love her. But i noticed that No Philippines president who escaped this called people power, impeachment, or resignation request from the anti administration groups. Until now even worst. Its happened over and over again. They want our current President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to resigned from her position. And they making such black propaganda inorder to accomplish this insane things. Corrupt government is not a new issue. People Power for me is a noble history of Philippines. And they can't use this or declare it easily. I don't really get them. And its really hard from anti administration to do this now coz the people was divided into two. And our current president is a strong fighter for her right and she will not resigned until her term will be finish. There are some who disagree of this matter not because they are with the administration but because they are thinking for our country future. And the people will not divided like this if they didnt also see what our current president did/do for the good of our country. She also did her best.
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@edstewar (35)
• Philippines
13 Mar 08
I think people who joins people power are those people who never think what they are after for. For reason that they will go to streets and even bring there kids to protect them from police who harass them. They believe that through people power a leader can be oust easily, meaning everytime a leader commits a mistake he or she should be oust, how about if that leader is not the one who did the crime, but she or he just been frame up. Can we out him/her? People should know first before the act. Not act First before knowing the truth. In case of Marcus it was clearly that he did something wrong. And in erap also, Erap was been sentenced in the court meaning he should be oust it is very shamefull to a country if there leader is punished under the law of his own country. And in the current president to day all of this are just allegations and not even reached in the justice court.
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