600 hogs chased by car!

@ersmommy1 (12600)
United States
March 13, 2008 5:46pm CST
Someone opened the gates and then proceeded to chase these poor creatures. Running them over. Breaking bones. Some had road rash. These vandals cost this poor farm family $3000. Farmer hopes something is done, as it is BLATANT animal abuse.http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2008/03/13/hanson.hogs.hit.with.car.kcci
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18 Mar 08
See, someone who has these kinds of psychological issues is a danger. Harming animals is one of the signs of a serial killer as I recall. People with issues, scary people who will work up to attacks on people. Some people don't get so worked up over animal cruelty, but I do. Not because I love all animals, but because I fear where this kind of sociopathic behavior might lead.
@Ldyjarhead (10157)
• United States
13 Mar 08
Oh no, how horrible! Those poor, defenseless critters. What people get out of abusing animals is beyond me.