diff b/w asp and asp.net

March 14, 2008 2:13am CST
plz any one can explane here...... the diff of asp and asp.net
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@imbrod (268)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
7 Jun 08
The main difference is in the different way of thinking: ASP allows spaghetti code and is sequential. ASP.NET is event-based. ASP has less than dozen classes and those are static classes (you can create objects out of them, but you can't create new classes based on them - it's official but I disagree, but it's another story) ASP.NET has hundreds of classes, static and dynamic.
• India
14 Mar 08
nice that the asp.net is a advance version of asp(active server page). in asp we have write all code manually but in asp.net we have use tools. asp and asp.net both handle http request, and can send http responses. how they do it is entirely diffrent,however asp is pprocedural and scripted. asp.net is object-oriented and compiled. asp can do a little.asp.net can do whatever you can imagine
@mnsrwt123 (2058)
• India
14 Mar 08
Well ASP you can say that ASP.net is inheritted from ASP. So it inherits all the features that ASP have, and also it have some advance feature which ASP don't have... ASP.NET has better language support, a large set of new controls and XML based components, and better user authentication. ASP.NET provides increased performance by running compiled code. ASP.NET code is not fully backward compatible with ASP. Hope you find it usefull, for more information about this topic i recommend you to visit this site: http://www.w3schools.com/aspnet/aspnet_vsasp.asp Have a Great day...