The dynamics of money

March 14, 2008 2:48am CST
Do you feel thatm there is a subtle change in the demography post the start of the millennium due to the power shifts in the global economy? .I definitely feel so, their is a great migration of people from developing nations to developed economies not because they are galore but their demand in these nations to meet the shortage in fields of economic growth . Especially India, which is not only an outsourcing destination but also a source of human resource . This will definely change the demographic of our world as those who go for oppurtunities,become a part of their society in the long run . Please give your opinion on it . with regards
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@paid2write (5202)
14 Mar 08
Yes I do think more people are migrating to other countries to find better paid work and more big businesses are recruiting workers in countries like India, for telephone call centres or office work. It is partly because new technology allows easier communication over long distances, and new laws which encourage immigration or emigration.