March 14, 2008 3:33am CST
Hey, guys, Rockets is on fire now, even though Yao is out for the season, which team in your opinion is gonna stop Rockets' winning streak?? Tell me about it...
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@NDeV15 (9)
• United States
20 Mar 08
Huh, I'll take a guess and say the Celtics :)
• Philippines
23 Mar 08
haha.. the celts broke the streak but its ok.. the ROX's focus must be on winning the championship! EYES on the PRIZE baby! by the way, what countries yoy guys from? Im from the Philippines.
• United States
1 Apr 08
Rockets are my fav. team... yea they lost there 22 game win streak but its all good they still got wut it takes they just need to focus on commin down hard in the playoffs but its going to be a very tough task without yao ming in there muttumbo is a good player much props to him **waves finger** but he cant play that long and we have no good or decent center to back him up i think they can pull it off but not goin to b easy. Cant wait till the playoffs though there almost here. WE BELIVE!!
14 Mar 08
hmmm, tough question, I am a fan of McGrady-Ming tandem ever since the trade happened and I expected them to be a contender and there they are on a 20-game winning streak. They have a good chance of winning their next game against Charlotte because of their good morale, but the game after would be against Kobe Bryant (the Lakers, but he is the only player I could feel in the court), if Bryant's team would be able to match the intensity of the Rockets, there is a good chance they could end the streak. Not Charlotte, but Bryant may end it.
• China
16 Mar 08
Hey, good to know you...well,actaually, I don't know u,lol, which country you from? it's not in your file...
• China
16 Mar 08
Dirk was out when against Mavs, West was out when Charlotte, this time Gasol is out,hmmm... God is helping Rox now, or is there some kind of voo-doo thing goin'on ?lol Anywayz,Lakers is not that strong when Kobe is alone, we got a good chance o'winning