Life is not easy,I understand it too late

March 14, 2008 4:33am CST
I used to be a naughty boy. I always thought that my dad didn't care about me ,but now I know how silly I was! My father is a man having few words,and he was always busy in the past .In my memory I just know that he spends most of his time outside to make money.So I thought he was not a good father brcause he take little notice of me. Now I grew up and get to know the importance of making money to support the family .I know I was wrong. I have never thought he was a good dad in the past and didn't talk with him even he wanted to.Every time I think this the sorrow will fill my heart. I am studying in the college now and have less time taking with my dad,and I don't know how to make up for my mistake. Now only one thing I know,it is ,I was wrong.
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@GardenGerty (105555)
• United States
14 Mar 08
When we really grow up we do as you have. We recognize our mistakes and we learn from them. We admit them. I guess you are really growing up. I think you should get a chance to talk with your father.
@nanayangel (7862)
• Philippines
14 Mar 08
Hi there! I think that it's just the way it is. That there are meny other young people out there who take their parents for granted. That happened to me with my mom. At first, I don't really give her much importance even though she spent her life raising us starting when I was just nine years old and she and my father got separated. She stayed single and didn't have any boyfriends even though she's still beautiful and young. She preferred to just devote her time, love and attention to us, me and my two younger sister. I only realized my mistake when I myself became a mom. Maybe you can still make it up to your father for just being a good son, a good person. Maybe you can call him just to ask him how he's doing. Little things like that are greatly appreciated by parents.