What can I do?

March 14, 2008 6:28am CST
I'm a senior one student.I'm a girl.My new classmate told me that he liked me three months ago.But I didn't like him at that time and I didn't accept him or refuse him. This week my school held a basketball match.He also took part in this match.When I saw him playing basketball,I was suddenly fascinated by him.At that moment I felt I liked him and now I really don't know whether I like him. There's also something worries me that maybe he doesn't like me now or maybe he also don't know whether he likes me. So what can I do?
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@daeckardt (6245)
• United States
14 Mar 08
I'm not a good one for giving romantic advice, but I would just approach him and have a casual conversation. Don't ask about the possibility of a relationship, just say you saw him playing basketball and see what happens. Keep it light. If you wait for him to approach you, it may never happen. But don't try to come on strong because that might turn him off. He may be afraid to approach you since you didn't accept him the first time. I may be wrong on that, but that is what I would do. Good luck!!!
• China
21 Mar 08
I agree with you~ good luck my friend~