How would you determine if your friends are real or reel?

March 14, 2008 10:22am CST
We meet a lot of people in every step of our life's journey, but sad to say, we made many friends in our lives but few only stay. The true ones stay, regardless of what happened in your life. may you have been good or bad:)Some just stay because they need something from you or other simply just come and go.I guess, we determine real friends when they stick by your side in your lowest moments of your life and still make you happy.while reel friends makes you feel more miserable when the going gets tough.
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• Bahamas
16 Mar 08
i always say that real friends are like money in the bank. when you'r broke {emotionally} you can make a withdrawl {by leaning on them.} reel friends are the ones that i call fair weather friends. the ones that are only there in good times.
16 Mar 08
that is so true reel friends i think can sometimes be friends that perhaps deep down get a kick from your misfortune and perhaps enjoy making matters worse true friends would sooner it be happening to them to ease you pain
@chrislotz (8203)
• Canada
28 Mar 08
This is so true. Real friends are there at your side in good times and in bad times. But they are hard to come by as a lot of people are only into their own lives and if you can't help them then they are reel friends, as you put it. I have some very good friends and even though we may not see each other a whole lot we still are real friends. I have girlfriend named Cookie, nickname of course, and we may go a year without talking and then when we see each other again it is like we were never apart. I lived in another province for 5 years and only talked to her a few times on the phone, but when I moved back here, she was the first person, other than my family, that came to see me. So my point is I have a lot of aquantaints but very few real friends and the ones I have are always there for me and me there for them.
• China
15 Mar 08
yea,i agree with your opinion.