Canadian Prime Minister Sues The Opposition Party

@Myrrdin (3601)
March 14, 2008 11:04am CST
For the fist time in Canadian history a sitting prime minister is suing the opposition party for libel. The lawsuit is about claims made by Liberals and on the Liberal website which states that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was aware of bribery attempts made by the Conservative Party of Canada to the MP Chuck Cadman in order to garner his support. Now there is a tape with Stephen Harper clearly indicating he was aware that monetary considerations would be made for Cadman if he played ball. Said monetary considerations were a million dollar life insurance policy, Cadman was dying. Now the Widow is trying to collect on said promise and the Conservatives are denying the offer was made, and Harper claims that despite his voice on tape he knew nothing beyond the offer of party membership was ever promised to Cadman. Harper is becoming more and more unbalanced in my opinion, the man is a step away from being as bad as his predecessor (to the position of Conservative Party Leader) Stockwell Day.
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