Warning about makemoneykingdom

@jhl930 (3605)
United States
March 14, 2008 1:34pm CST
I know that a lot of people here might use make money kingdom and i am one of them who use to use that website...and for one they started out with six cents a post when i got htere and now they have dropped ALOT...and for the second thing...where on most forums you can post on any discussion new or old...and i just got a warning from a mod there that said to stop posting on old threads...and then I got another warning that said to stop posting unless I knew the right answer to a discussion...and the discussion that they were referring to was one where you gave your opinion....is there really a right or wrong answer to an opinionated question??? Has anyone else ever had a problem like this???
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@chrislotz (8203)
• Canada
1 Apr 08
I have been a member with them since the third day they went online. When i first signed up with them they were paying 10 cents a response and 15 cents for starting a thread. Then they dropped, as you say, to 6 cents for a response and 8 cents for starting a thread. Then they dropped to what they are paying now, 3cents a response and 4 cents for starting a thread. The reason for the adjustments in the payments is quite simple. they were paying the big money in the beginning to get members and now that they have over 1000 active members, they have had to drop the earnings. It only makes sense. They wouldn't be able to survive with the bigger payouts. I have never had a problem with them not paying me or with them sending me anything saying I can't post something. So I don't understand why they are picking on you. I am making over $20 from them, again, this month and should be paid by tomorrow. I am sorry to see you having problems with them.
@gemini_rose (16194)
14 Mar 08
I actually joined this one a few weeks ago, but I did not get the lay out of it at all! It just felt different and looked different and so I have not been back on it since, and by the sounds of it I am glad I did not.
@Baltek (261)
• Canada
14 Mar 08
Normally you get paid for the amount of text you put in, a 2 line contribution will not give you as much as a 10 line contribution, and so on. In your case, it's either that you are close to payout, and they are finding a way to delete you, be carefull, and check with GPTboycott if it's a legit site or not.