do you drink let your kids drink coke?? and do u drink it??

United States
March 15, 2008 3:07am CST
i drink it and im allowed 2. but i also drink water and juice and coffee. do you drink it and let your kids drink it?? i no some parents who wont their kids drink coke.
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• Indonesia
15 Mar 08
i drink coke. and i let my kid drink it. what's the problem with that? some said coke isn't good for your health, but as long as we drink it occasionally, i think it's not a big issue. it's the same as some parents who won't let their kids eats snack because some addictive flavour in it. We can hardly prevent our kid to do so. Our body isn't as weak as we think. We also eat vegetables, fresh fruits, supplemens beside some junk foods, right?
• United States
15 Mar 08
i hope we all do. but i no alot parent who wont let their kids drink it. so i was asking