advancement in technology

@pkc3000 (1268)
March 15, 2008 4:53am CST
More technological know how advancement in next decade. It is expected that next decade will bring much more advancement in tech. know how in comparison to last 10 yrs such speech recognition tech, topuch screen surface. Nobody stop this rapid advance. Indians are optimistic that policy makers in US would make the right decision about investing in technology. Do you agree then comments? pkc3000
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@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
16 Mar 08
With such advancement, there should be care, ethical consideration, and vigiliance by all. I've seen some technological advances like speech recognition, growing or predecessor artifical intelligence, advanced robotics, microchip advancement, PC to brain interfacing. All of these have their positives but also come with their own negatives. Investment in technology will occur (but in varying degrees, private investment will lead, public/government investment will vary). However, there should be serious consideration and scrutiny over what each new advancement in technology will bring.
@pkc3000 (1268)
• India
17 Mar 08
Dear the programer i think you have judged the technology advance in right way. Advancement of technology is essential in the modern era to survive in the golbal condition, there is also a demerit of advancement. Before bringing/adopting new technology all we have to see the benefits in the long run for makind. The policy maker should judge wisely which technology would be appropriate which has no side effect. pkc3000
• India
15 Mar 08
yes, indeed technology is advancing rapidly. The more advanced technology, the more inventions there will be made in a period of time. in my country itself the government is deciding to give everyone free internet by the next decade i think .It could be a possibility