Don´t you get frustrated when....

@anetteh (3591)
March 15, 2008 5:29am CST
something goes wrong with your email account?. I do. This morning I could not open my email account. This has happen to me once before, and I had to change this address once more. It take a long time to do this. I have to change address to more than one space on Internet. And I do not have the time. Now I had to change my info address here in mylot, but I also have to verify this new address and I do not get the verify email. Do anyone know what to do?
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@paid2write (5202)
15 Mar 08
Is it a webmail account or an email account from your internet service provider? I use a web based email account which has now received no emails for more than a week. From now on I will use only my yahoo mail as I know that is always reliable.
@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
18 Mar 08
I hate it when that happens... i had a problem with my email account last year... and it was the one that i use for important internet and job stuff... i lost a lot of important email and contacts... but then it was really my fault because i violated a certain rule... so now i am very careful not to do it again... i try to use only one email address so that i wouldn't be confuse with the name and password...