Do you like cross-stitch?

@adacoco (331)
March 15, 2008 6:19am CST
Cross-stitch has a unique state in the development history of Chinese embroidery,with a long time of existence,a wide scope of popularization.I like cross-stitch,and I am doing a cross-stitch,I feel very happy and enjoyable.Have you dane it?Do you like it?
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@vanities (11387)
• Davao, Philippines
16 Mar 08
yeah absolutely..right now im making some angel and wish that it will be finished before i can move in to our newly built house..does cross-stitch originates from china?
@Ldyjarhead (10157)
• United States
15 Mar 08
I used to cross stitch quite a bit, but I haven't in a few years. I had quite a collection of thread, all sitting pretty in those plastic boxes. I had several boxes of floss but since I hadn't done any in quite a while and I needed money, I sold all my supplies. It was an enjoyable hobby, but I rarely finished a project. I just crochet now.
@daeckardt (6245)
• United States
15 Mar 08
I do enjoy doing cross-stitch, but most of the time, I don't do it. It is more a matter of I'm not good at it. If I were, I would try to do it more. I usually mess it up before it is finished and then I just leave it.
• China
15 Mar 08
I am very happy to take part in this topic,because I am Chinese,our traditional embroidery is so important that it effets up to now.This is really our glory. Speaking of the cross-stitch,it is beautiful,of course.Imagine,the beautiful pictures are formed just with the thread and needle,how amazing and fantastic! My girlfriend likes to do the cross-stitch,and she is good at it.She has ever made a very beautiful one to give me for my birthday gifts.Good job! I like it very much,I hope the girls should learn the skills of making cross-stitch to give them to the relating partners.I believe he is sure to love it. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!