Bun George? Who Is He?

Bonjour - Kids can be so funny. Bonjour came across as Bun George. lol.
@Darkwing (21588)
March 15, 2008 9:00am CST
I seem to be on a kids' trail today. I don't know why, but perhaps the distressing events of late. Anyway, this time, my mind goes back to when I childminded a little girl named Niamh (pronounced Neeve), from seven months old, to two and a half years. I loved spending time with her... she even had me doing the Teletubbies Dance with her, and rolling around the floor like them. Anything to keep her amused!!! Anyway, to cut a long story short, when she was two and a half and out of nappies, her Mum sent her to kindergarten, which she loved. Then, one day, Martina (the Mum), had to go for a hospital appointment in London, and she asked me to pick Niamh up from kindergarten, take her home and fix her and myself some lunch. So, I did all this, and we were sat down to lunch, when I asked her to tell me all about kindergarten, and what she liked most. This is how the conversation went. Niamh: In the morning, we have to say, Bun George, good morning. Me: *Scratching my head*... Who's Bun George? Is he somebody at the Kindergaten?" Niamh: Nooooooooo, Bun George, good morning. Like this "Bun... George,... good... morrrrrning!" She was obviously getting frustrated with me, so I made excuse to give it a break, and make myself a coffee. When I returned to the breakfast bar, she kept saying... "Bun George, good morning. Good morning, Bun George." Duhhhh... it suddenly twigged. Yes, the light bulb came on above my head! She was learning French!!! What she in effect was saying, was, "Bonjour... good morning. Good morning... bonjour!" I said "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I see what you're saying now." and burst into laughter. She must have thought I was some dumb blonde because she crossed her arms, looked at me indignantly, out of the top of her eyes, and joined in the laughter. From then on, she kept repeating the sentence and laughing at me! Don't you just love 'em? Any mispronunciation stories to share with us?
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25 Mar 08
Um, I seem to have seen this story before somewhere. Do I need glasses or do you need a French lesson? lol. What an amusing little girl Niamh is. I only saw her once and she seemed quite the little grown up. I bet you had some good times minding that one. I can just see you doing the Teletubbies dance and falling down with your feet kicking in the air. Did Niamh fall down too?
@Darkwing (21588)
26 Mar 08
Yup, two of them. If I remember rightly, that's when there was a problem posting stuff and you didn't know whether it had come up or not. Then they went down for upgrades, so it was forgotten. lol. Yes, Niamh did fall down as well, but not before making sure I did! She thought it was great fun!