Do you know ALAN (26 y), a white Sout African who lives in London

August 17, 2006 3:20am CST
Hello, I’m a french girl and I need help. I met a boy who’s born in South Africa and lives in United Kingdom since he was 2 years old and he works in London. His first name is ALAN (or ALLAN) and his surname is Davies, Davis, Davidson, or Davison (I don’t really understand, my english is not very well for the accent and understand!) something like that! He’s 26 years old, works in computer. I met him in Munich on August the 13, and he was in the hotel WOMBAT’S CITY HOSTEL. He makes a travel to different towns in Europe : Paris, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Pragues, Barcelona. I saw him with 2 friends, one calls Francky. If you know Alan, can you say him I want to get in touch with him. Or have you idea to help me to find him. It’s very important for me! Thank you very mutch. Kathleen (
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