Hello...please stand up!

@heart143 (1204)
March 15, 2008 12:04pm CST
I used to chat on the internet before. It is so fun having friends all around the world. You learn a lot from them and they can really keep you company at times when you needed one. But like in the real world, not all you meet are good guys. There are some who are so rude and will really annoy you. I once entered a chat site. I started talking to a guy. He asked my name and a few other things, then he asked for webcam...he wanted to see me. So I did...when I have turned it on, he said "hello...can you please stand?". I was so pissed! I don't know why he had seen me already and still wanted me to stand. I really don't understand or can't find the connection of friendship to standing. I was so mad...I left the room and shut the computer. Now, I very seldom chat. But whenever I do, I see to it that I choose only the good ones. Any interesting experiences in chatting? Have you had a similar experience like mine while chatting?
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