I don't want to miss a things

March 16, 2008 5:43am CST
This is title of an Aerosmith's song .In life ,each of us have somethings that we don't want to miss .With me ,they are the relationships with my friends and the love in my family . And u ,What are the things u don't want to miss in life?
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• Philippines
24 Jun 08
I dont wanna miss the moments that I have with my family, relative and friends. I dont wanna miss the moments I grow with them, sit with them, cry with them and laugh with them. I dont wanna miss the moments which are very special for my kids, their birthdays, graduations and their wonderful moments.
15 Apr 08
i dont wanna miss the song of aerosmith. i dont wanna miss tyler screaming for a moment/. that guy rocks.
16 Mar 08
I dont want to miss my 16 month old daughter and all her new words and sounds. I dont want to miss all her exploring and wondering how things work. I dont want to miss all the interesing faces she pulls as she tries to build with her bricks. I dont want to miss out on having a good relationship with my 11 year old daughter - shes at the no-one understands me phase and I'm desperate for her to know I know what that feeling is like, I too was her age once!!!!! I dont want to miss out on my 6 year old son and all he can achieve - he has learning difficulties so each hurdle we pass gives him so much! I dont want to miss out on any milestone for any of my children, each at different stages in their young lives and each got sooo much coming their way and I want to be there to see it all. I dont want to miss my family and of course my husband - we are all so close and would do anything for one another, if one hurts we all hurt( very sensitive souls we are!) I dont want to miss family gatherings. I dont want to miss my friends and their kids who call me Auntie. I would hate to miss all our last minuite adventures going for walks. I dont want to miss surprise picnics, so last minuite we dont always have everything we need, we just go to the shops and have amazing fun! In general I dont want to miss my life, family or friends as without them my life would not be the same, it wouldnt be as rich and forfilling as they make it, and for that I want to Thank Them with all my heart.