To Lie, Or Not to Lie, That Is The Question

@tessah (6621)
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March 16, 2008 12:09pm CST
someone the other day started a discussion in regards to the type of liar you are. in my responses i stated that i dont lie to people i care about. truthfully, theres alot of people i couldnt really care less about that i dont lie to either LOL i think in being a good friend, that honesty is imperative, and most dont feel that way. they lie to protect feelings, they lie because they dont want to hurt a person, or to try to cover their own butts from something theyve done. these are things i dont do, ever. some say men lie more, some say women lie more.. so i want to start a sort of poll. excluding the utilities companies, and bill collectors, ( and setting someone up for a "surprise" ) and sticking only with friends, family, and aquaintences.. are you male or female..? and what do you feel is an acceptable lie, and why?
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17 Mar 08
I am a male, and I was given a year to answer this question. I used to be able to lie as casually and good as normal people can tell the truth. Once I was faced with the question of finding an acceptable lie to someone I care about it fell apart lol.