When asked do you give the dollar?

United States
March 16, 2008 6:47pm CST
Every now and then at certain stores they ask you at the check-out if you want to donate a dollar to whatever organization. Recently I was at Taco Bell where it says on their little place-mat things on the tray that they raised $18,000,000.00 for the boys and girls foundation. So it made me wonder - if asked do you ever donate the $1? What prompts you to do it?
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@bronie123 (4589)
• United States
17 Mar 08
Hello cher-bear04 normally i dont give to them I have seen that one you are talking about at taco bell they asked me that while i was in the drive thru
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• United States
22 Apr 08
I was asked once, but I said no. The main reason was I don't have any extra dollars floating around to spare. I wish I did. I give regularly to my church, but it has been a very long time since I gave to anything else like that. Also, in grocery store things, if I am not familiar with the organization I will always say no. I am very careful where my money goes because there are charities that do things I do not approve of, and charities that I think are a waste. Last summer the grocery store I worked for did a food drive that way, I think actually they were doing $10 for a bag, but also taking donations of any quantity if people said they would like to give $5 or $1. They got quite a lot of donations and there was a TON of food stacked up in the back to be sent to the local food pantry for the county.
@Coletx (45)
• United States
21 Apr 08
I usually donate the change that I have, but rarely a dollar.
@javaleira (372)
• Portugal
20 Apr 08
no i never donate money to the stores because i almost sure they keep the money...all those things are fake i think.. if you really want to donate money you should donate to a big and famous company..at least you get a little bit more proves that the money realy helps the needed people!
• United States
17 Mar 08
It usually depends on what the donation is for, also what I have my purse to give :) but I try to give as much a I can. I also give to feeding children and things like that. I feel like it is a win win situation because not only am I helping others but it makes me feel good too.
@MrPickle (36)
17 Mar 08
I do! Anything to help people in need!
• United States
17 Mar 08
I do because a dollar is not going to break me and it goes for such a worthy cause. What is that a couple of candy bars or a soda I'll have to do without. I think that I can do without the sugar fix any way. lol.