The Flu Strikes Again... Or Does it?

United States
March 17, 2008 12:21am CST
I've never called in sick to work unless I was legitimately sick. I live 30 minutes from my job in the middle of nowhere [basically, though I know it isn't the longest of commutes, I have an hour trip to classes] and I have never called in when the windy back roads I take to get to main roads are covered in snow and ice... This past week a co-worker of mine has called in sick every day he was scheduled to work. Normally at our office, when you miss, you have to first find a replacement to work your shift, and secondly get a doctors note excusing you for your absence. He has done neither of these things for any of the four days he missed earlier in the week. Yesterday he called in 'sick' last minute, -after- coming in to pick up his check and being perfectly fine only a few hours before. I had to stay late to cover his shift. I found out later that he had instead gone to sing & play piano at some talent show/open mic sort of thing that was set for the middle of his shift. Other employees mentioned to management that he had come in earlier to get his check and had seemed perfectly fine. (Management has not as of yet gotten to discuss this with him.) So... I'm thinking I'm going to tell where he was, but I think (just because I do have a particular disliking for this guy) I'm going to wait until he tries to talk his way out of skipping out on work (which I know he'll try to do) before I mention casually that I found out that while he was too sick to talk and type at the call center, he was able to sing and play a piano at an open mic... Do you think it's a bad idea to try to catch him in a web of lies? Do you think calling in sick to work is wrong? Have you ever called work & told them you weren't coming so you could do something else? Just curious as to whether or not I'm just being a goody-goody. I just hate that people at my job have been fired for such things, and I don't want him to get a slap on the wrists, because he really isn't that great at his job, anyway.
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