March 17, 2008 5:35am CST
For me, i think... piano~ acoustic grand piano!!! I have my white and black side... i have my strength and weakness! but i do wanna compose my life as a good music which is really beautiful to be heard... I like classical music and i like piano also... For me, acoustic piano also a symbol of classic and natural life Its classic because it remain the same as before... never change... and always the same sound... never change, being stable and pure! Natural life because piano is made by wood, hard, strong, and powerful... But its sounds beautiful and romantic to play!!!
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@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
17 Mar 08
For me, I would use the piano to describe myself too. However, my piano would be slightly different from yours, because I am choosing the "grand piano" to describe myself. Why I choose the grand piano to describe myself is because everytime I play the grand piano, somehow or rather I am able to produce nice and funky music, which makes me feel "grand" too. Besides, the grand piano has a majestic appearance, hence the name "grand" piano; I am the type who likes to groom myself majestically for any occasion, even for casual ones. In addition, the exquisite detail put into modelling a grand piano would be how I would do things as well. I am quite a prefectionist and always pay attention to even the slightest detail in anything; I cannot stand anything less than the best. Well, that's about it on why the grand piano is my choice instrument of all time! =P