life as we know it or not?

United States
March 17, 2008 7:30am CST
they say life as we know it. What do we really know about life? There is so much in this world of ours that I don't even think that scientist have even discovered yet and it all contributes to life. Some people say I love my life, others say I hate my life, but do we really know all there is to know about life for us to be able to make the assumption of loving and hating life. Humans walk, talk, eat, drink, sleep and die....Animals walk, talk in their own sort of way, eat, drink, sleep and die......Plants eat, I think also talk but in a silent language that only they can hear, eat, drink, even sleep and die.........all three have so much in common yet we are all so different. All three have the instinct of "survival", all three have the same "begining" starting as a "seed", all three have the same end "death". some of us walk on two legs, some on four others just stay in place and move on when the wind moves them. So is life really only as we know it or is there alot more?
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