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March 17, 2008 11:45am CST
I just saw my grandmother for the first time since she fell. My grandma fell back in august broke her knee and had to be hospitalized for quite awhile. While in the hospital her mind started going. She has demensia now. She was living on her own before her fall but now is in an old folks home. When I saw her yesterday she knew who we were and was really happy to see us. She was in the hallway of her home and we talked to her a few minutes there and then she asked if we could wait for her at her table where they eat because she had something she had to take care of first. So we said sure. My husband then talked to the staff and asked them if she had anything to do and we learned she had been sitting in the hallway waiting for someone for 2 hours. So my husband told me I had to go see if she could come sit with us (we only had a bit of time we could visit we were on our way home from vacation). So I went and talked to her but she said she was waiting for someone, so I asked her who she was waiting for. She said a person she talked to on the phone, she didn't know if it were a man or a woman. The person was mean to her and said bad things about her family and she told the person she'd wait here and meet them to talk. I asked if she could wait at the table and she said no she had told them she'd wait right there in the hallway. Then I asked if we could visit her there then, and she said no, the person she was waiting for was very bad and would not come if we were there. I went back to the table then and lost it. After I got myself under control my husband went and saw her and asked her to come have a coffee with us and she said ok, she wouldn't wait any longer. So she came to the table with us. By talking to her she thinks she works in the home. She talked about other patients and how they don't know whats going on and how she feels sorry for people like that. She knew us really well, got confused with our relationship to her at times, she kept saying I was her daughter. Has anyone gone through something like this with a loved one? It was really hard seeing her like that.
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18 Mar 08
Something you might do is to get a list of her medications, their purpose, how much she takes of each one, etc. Take the information home and go online to check about side-effects. It could be that she's either being treated with a medication that doesn't work well with her body or else she's being treated with a medication that might work well, but she's being given too much of it.