What would you do to combat rising inflation

Hyderabad, India
March 17, 2008 2:28pm CST
I am trying to cut down my expenditure and waiting for things to get settled. I would consider investment opportunities if i have good return on investment.
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• India
18 Mar 08
The following information is an extract from an economic survey & is quite interesting and at the same time thought provoking. In 1940 if you had Rs.10/- you could manage your home for a month In 1960, you needed Rs.100/- to manage your home for a month In 1980, Rs.1,000/- was needed to manage your your home for a month In 2000, you needed Rs.10,000/- to manage your home By the above logic, you would need Rs,100,000/- by the year 2020 to manage your home for a month. if the logic was same for the last 60+ years, it will be same in the future. High time, you thought about earning Rs.1,00,000/- a month. I did the same. I have started working with the best MLM in Asia which has made more than 225 Indians crorepathis and through which 800+ Indians are earning today Rs.1,30,000/- a WEEK !!!!! Interested? Want to know more about it? contact me Mumbai Millionaire
• Hyderabad, India
18 Mar 08
Very interesting bit of information thank you.
@NeoComp (1320)
• United States
17 Mar 08
I would say the best way to do this would be to invest in EUR currency, and to invest in gold. This way even if the dollar falls, you can still have back up money.. that can be converted for any other currency.
• Hyderabad, India
18 Mar 08
Thank you very much. I thought of investing in gold but never thought of investing in EUR currency. Thank you very much for this advice.