What do you think the Oil Companies do??? If we took back our lives

United States
March 17, 2008 3:15pm CST
I feel the biggest scam on us now is the gas prices. There is alot that just doesn't make any sence. Gas jump to over $3.00 a gallon when they said barral prices were 65.00 a barral. And the oil companies made profits in the Trillions. Here it is now at over 106.00 a barral and in some places the price has not changed yet. Are they going to jump it up hard and fast that we don't see it coming and have no other choose but to pay it, just to get to work. Have you ever figured how much you have left from your paycheck after you have paid for your gas for the week. I only drive to work and home, but because I live in a rual area I have to drive over 60 miles a day to round trip, I know there are many who drive alot further then I do. So I sat and figured it the other day and it cost me $100.00 a week. just to get to work and home for 5 days. That's not driving anywhere else. So after I pay my gas bill each week, I live on $138.00 a week. I don't know how the government thinks we can live on that. OH ya, they don't care, we pay there wages and give them raises every time they vote for it. So it doesn't matter how the average person lives as long as they can take there vactions, send there kids to college on what we pay then to repersent us, go out for there $1000 dollar dinners. And as long as the oil companies give them there little kick back and favors. There not going to do anything about it. They talk how we need to get families coverd with med. insurance. But how, if the oil companies are taking everything we have left. Well I found this site and I would like to know if anyone knows anything about this product. If infact it is something, I will find away to STOP paying to outraguse prices and be able to live. howe5668.water4gas.hop.clickbank.net I would really like to know something about this, if there is a machanice out there that can take a look and tell me if this is something that would really work, I would love to get some feedback.
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