Kids say/do the funniest and most embarrasing things!!!

@muse02 (213)
United States
March 17, 2008 5:21pm CST
"Mom, those kids need spanked for doing that in the store." Has this ever happened to you??? I was walking down an aisle in Wal-Mart and some kids were really misbehaving. The mom acted as if she didn't see a thing wrong with them. So as we are walking by my 4 year old makes the comment. Needless to say, I got a Go to Hell look from the mother. Do you kids say or do funny or embarrassing things? I would LOVE to hear your stories!!!
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@yghfghl (260)
• United States
20 Apr 08
i always see kids saying funny things to their parents... it's always fun to hear them.
• United States
21 Mar 08
My kids are the kids that ask strangers alot of questions. Such as, whats your name? How old are you? Where do you live? Do you have kids? Wanna come to my house? Where are you going? Why? Crazy things like that! Oneday we were in the doctors office and a older couple was about to leave. The man walked up to us and complimented on how well behaved my children were. My then 5 year old (now 6) tells the man that he is old. I was embarrassed, but thankfully the man had a hearing aid and I dont think he heard him or he acted as if he didnt. My 6 year old is the most friendliest person. He will talk to anyone. I had to start warning him at a very early age about things he should know about strangers. My two youngest boys are very shy. Thankfully.
@mom4kids (658)
• Canada
17 Mar 08
my kids haven't said any embarrasing things yet but they do come up with some pretty funny, (or cute) things. My 5 year old daughter informened me awhile ago that when she grows up she wants to be a "CATER" she then informened me that "A Cater is someone who watches over cats and makes sure they don't run away." My 4 year old son then informed me that when he grows up he is going to be Spiderman! Another time my 5 year old was eating brocholli and said "if we plant brocholli it will grow into a brocholli tree and we can pick them, and eat them, and that would be good!" Another time my daughters friend was going to bed for awhile at our house. Her mom and I were going to have a movie night and the kids were going to bed. My friend asked her daughter what song she wanted her to sing to her. My daughter then told her that she could sing her daughter a song. So she makes this song up: "Sleep sweet Bethany, sleep sweet Bethany, Sleep sweet Bethany, You found your dreams in your heart!" It was so sweet and Bethany wanted to hear it again and again! My kids saw a comercial the other day where a girl says I can say Hi in chinese, this is how I say Hi in chinesse, ME HOW. My 4 year old boy comes to me one day and says "Mom, I can say Hi in chinee" so I say, "Oh, ok, lets hear it," he turns, smiles at me and says "HI IN CHINEE", too funny! Anytime I'm feeling like I need a laugh now I just ask him to say Hi in chinese and it makes me smile. Kids are great, such a blessing!