Do You Let Your Feelings On Ethics Interfere

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March 17, 2008 10:37pm CST
when you are at work, especially with someone you are trying to be friends with? As in if you are a Christian, and you know someone who is Married, but wanting a Divorce, and cheating on their husband, living at home with their husband, and when you ask them why they are not pursuing the divorce, are always making excuses. We have someone at work who is like this. I finally had to step in and say something, and now everyone is looking at me like I am a BAD guy. She says she has seen a Lawyer and has talked to them, but never knows what the next step is. When confronted about this, she makes excuses to where I said why live with someone you do not Love, and hang around with the other man when your kids are in school? The guy she is cheating on does not want her and her kids to live with her. He wants to be alone. She says she has no time. Which she works 2nd shift from 3:30 to midnight, so she has plenty of time I would think. Yes, I used to be really close friends with her, but not she does not want to talk to me, and everyone at work is talking BAD about me. I guess I maybe was wrong in letting my feelings known, but she has 2 kids being torn thru this situation. And the biggest problem I see there is she never shows them much affection, and says they are a pain, so they cling to me for affection anytime they are around. I feel even if I lost her as a Friend I was just trying to help, and it is now her Bed to lie in. I could go on, and on, but I will end for now. But if you are interested, maybe the other stories I wrote about her, I should bring to the forefront again to see where all I am coming from.
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18 Mar 08
I sooooooooooooo have some body just like this that i work with.. and when we do get into this conversation. i always tell her how i feel she listens without getitng mad. and then she makes her excuses. She says her husband is mean to her. Bit when i ask her about moving out into her own place and getting a divorce. she worrys about money. i tol dher about low income housing.and she says she doesnt want help. shes had to many people help her before. the guy she is cheating with lies to her,and messes her ove over and over and she keeps saying this is your last chance. and his reposnce to that was. youll never leave me be ... soooooooooooooooo i think that pretyty much somes up the story. anyways i wouldnt take it hardly. and if she doesnt respect your opinnion.was she really your friend to begin with?.
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2 May 11
Sadly at times some people during troubled relationships do not stop for a moment to think what they are doing is right and or wrong. I see this was four years but common even today. If only they could end their relationships first before starting and or dabbling in a new one. I feel this kind of activity only confuses the person in the long wrong. One must always in my opinion end their current before starting a new, not doing so will cause them to later bring with them old baggage. I see you were trying to help but really while this type of behavior is going on some people really do not want sound advice. You will have some who will take the advice and that is good but all you can do is hope them all the best.