Are you a" workahloic " ?

@missbdoll (1168)
March 18, 2008 5:02am CST
Do you think you are a workaholic? Or do you worry about becoming one?Because of the situation I;ve been left in ince the death of my partner I find I'm working all the time, and as I work online, sometimes I feel like I'm becoming a "cyber Hermit '!I finaly went to see a freind a few days ago, it was the first social thing I had done in 5 weeks. Do ypu evr feel just try to make a living is taking over everything else?
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@agihcam (1915)
• Philippines
30 Jun 08
I guess I am but not much. I was working 6 days in a week, but no overtime just to have much time for my kids to have more time for their studies to teach them at home and doing their assignments. Review from their day to day lessons. Being a workaholic sometimes forgot the needs of the family so as much as possible I don't want it to happen for my family.
@goldwin65 (937)
• Malaysia
18 Mar 08
Talking about workaholic, yes I think I am one. My daily routine goes like this. Every morning I wake up at 5.30 am and reach my school at 6.20 am. At 6.30am I will be with my school prefects and arrange for their duty point. Our lesson begins at 7.00 am and end at 12.50pm. Then I'll be in-charge of extra-curricular activities until 4.00pm. I am also doing part-time lecturing at 2 local universities. At 4.00pm I will rush home and take a cool shower before I rush for my lecture at 5.00 - 7.00pm and then to another university from 7.30 - 9.30 pm. Be honest, the money is good but it is very tiring indeed. But I enjoy what I am doing for I am a workaholic.
@lyn2008 (444)
• China
18 Mar 08
Well,I think I have the same feelings just like you.I love computer and internet,I always spent many time to work and study and play with computer,I think I am a workaholic,when I was working online,I always could forget everything even eating and sleeping.Internet is very interesting,I can get many things from it,it become one important part of my life.I want to be with friends but I can't,Now I am still young,I have to work hard and build my life,so I think that I am a workaholic isn't that bad.
@suehan1 (4355)
• Australia
18 Mar 08
yes i am probably a workaholic in a sense.i have to be to support my 2 children.i do find time to chill out as i would go mad just working all the time.i work in the hospital so i am surrounded by people,a bit different than being online all day,so i get the social interaction with other people so its not that bad.cheers sue