i like my chocolates soft and melted

@desireeo (595)
March 18, 2008 6:24am CST
you know how chocolates belong in the refrigerator right so they remain firm and and in shape anytime you want to take a bite? well, in my case i don't do it. i never put my chocolates in the ref coz i like them soft and i like the feel of it melting in my mouth. and you know those chocolates with nuts in them? i just dig the nuts out and leave the chocolates behind. it always irritates the rest of the family coz all that's left for them are broken pieces of chocolates minus the nuts of course.
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@momto2b2g (217)
• United States
18 Mar 08
Oh I love my chocolate soft so it melts in my mouth, thats the best way to eat them. I never put them in the fridge. Chocolate should be soft so you can enjoy the taste not hard so you have to bite it and chew it then swallow it. How can you enjoy hard chocolate? LOL, that is funny that you eat the nuts only, I eat the whole thing. :)
• China
18 Mar 08
sounds greats! i also like this way to eat it ! i will to eat it right way!lol