EVP - Do You Believe?

@bmwgem (34)
March 18, 2008 9:40am CST
I watched the film White Noise the other night. I'd seen in tebfore but it aroused my interest in the paranormal yet again. Does anybody out there believe in EVP and the paranormal? Has anybody any stories or experiences they'd like to share?
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24 Sep 08
Yeah, I believe evps and the paranormal are real. I've had both personal experiences and recorded evps of my own (okay, only two). There's not really much to share about the two evps I have. Both were recorded around my house. The first was back in February. I was home alone that day, so when I had to go to my afternoon class I left my digital voice recorder on a coffee table by my couch. I left it on voice activation. When I got home about an hour and a half later, it recorded 53 seconds. Throughout the recording there was this weird loud knocking sound that I have no idea what it was. As someone pointed out as well, it seems like that whenever it would happen, the grandfather clock heard ticking would stop for a split second. The other was back in May. I was in my garage while my family were in the backyard watching my nieces playing in a small pool. I randomly recorded as I went out to my garage. To my surprise, I picked up a voice whispering "Go back inside..." Another experience I've had in my current house happened four years ago. Late one night about midnight, I was drying off after taking a shower. Keeping in mind that everyone else was asleep, I started hearing heavy footsteps, like someone wearing boots scraping their heel across my hardwood living floor, walking towards me. The footsteps then stopped at the entrance to the hallway directly facing me. I've had more experiences, but I'll share more later.
@redchase (347)
7 Aug 08
i think evp is something that could actually happen. my local radio station went to a cemetery on halloween and left recorders on there while they took off, when they came back they go the tapes, reviewed them and found some evps on them. they had ghost hunters come in and examine the tapes and stuff and it sounded pretty real to me, but who knows it is a radio station.