which dog is the most obedient breed of dog?

the most obedient dog - this is the most obedient dog in the whole world he never loses his temper.
March 18, 2008 10:24am CST
to me i will say labrador this pal never loses his temper,no matter how hard his master treats him....
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@khrammz (70)
• Philippines
12 Jul 08
for me a labrador because they are energetic, friendly, smart, they can protect you from stranger. .
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
18 Mar 08
I would say that most Labradors are very obedient. For this reason I have seen a dog trainer often choose the Labrador to demonstrate new training exercises to other dog owners. My Poodle is intelligent but she loses concentration quickly. All dogs are individuals and some breeds are better for some jobs, like a German Shepherd might make a good guard dog or a Border Collie might make an excellent dog for a farmer with lots of sheep. Before I moved one of my neighbors bought a Rottweiler and then became pregnant. I hope that dog is reliable around a young child. A Labrador usually makes a lovely family dog so do many other breeds and cross breed dogs.
@nicholejade (2430)
• Canada
18 Mar 08
It doesn't matter the type of dog you have. If the dog is not trained properly the dog will sometimes not all the time lash out. Our neighbours had a German Sheppard. This dog was very loyal not only to the family but the close neighbours in the area. Because some kids would throw rocks at it the dog lashed out. It doesn't matter the dog at all they will or most will lash out at some point. If your going to treat your dog like a bag of %$^& why even get a pet?
@xixinha (141)
• Portugal
18 Mar 08
Just like many other people i think the labs are the most obediente breeds of dogs. I myself have one and she is very obediente.