Democratic votes may be banned

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March 18, 2008 4:35pm CST
One of the sticking points holding up a possible do-over election in Michigan is a rule that would ban anyone who voted in the Republican presidential primary from voting again. That ban would apply even to Democrats or independents who asked for a GOP ballot because Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was the only major candidate left on the Jan. 15 Democratic ballot. Would this effect whether you vote or not, do you think your vote counts? Oristhis just more red tape...
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20 Mar 08
I can see the point. I've also heard of republicans taking a democratic ticket to help influence which democratic nominee will run against their candidate. Apparently, the Republicans are afraid that Obama might beat them if he's the one running. I have no idea why a guy with only 2 years experience as a senator is even being seriously considered by anyone. It's good to know the Republicans fear him -- but, I don't really know if I can vote for Obama even though I'm strongly democratic. I mean, he's got no experience.