Birthdays On Christmas Day

March 18, 2008 7:51pm CST
My birthday is unfortunately on the 25th December. I am 15 years old, as I am on my dads account, and I think I am at the perfect age to start to realise how my gifts differ from those who have birthdays at any other time. While my friends get things like Ipods and DVD players for their birthdays, and Stereos etc. for Christmas, last Christmas I got about 30 joint presents. As in, a present for both celebrations. I ended up getting some really good electrical stuff etc for Christmas, but I felt as though my Birthday was completely forgotten. I ended up getting just a cushion and a cheep rug for my Birthday, thats all. I am not trying to sound selfish, as I know that is more than what some people in the world get, but that is not my point for this discussion. Basically, due to people ended up a bit skint at Christmas due to Christmas presents and stuff, I find that Christmas Day and the days around it must be the worst dates to have a Birthday! People do not seem to understand how upsetting it is if they recieve a Christmas card with a scribbled '+ Happy Birthday' written on the end. Or a present wrapped in Christmas paper which for any other person would have been just a Christmas present, again having Happy Birthday scribbled on if I am lucky and classed as both things. The littlest things like these can be upsetting. A Religious Education teacher of mine has a wife born on Christmas, and he once told me of how his wife sent people Birthday cards one year for people who's Birthday's were in months such as July, with a small scribble on the end saying 'Merry Christmas for December!' I personally feel that over my 15 birthdays, I have missed out on what a true birthday feels like. My friends have parties which is impossible for me now which is another point. As a young child you can get away with moving a birthday to the summer, but it doesn't work as you get older. My question is, are any of you here poor souls who have been born through the Christmas month and have these kind of problems? Also, if not, do you think you would or do you actually buy joint presents for people celebrating Birthdays around this time? One more thing I would quickly like to add is that a friend of mine bought me a small joint present for my Birthday and Christmas last Christmas. It is her Birthday on Saturday, and I told her I am getting her an Easter Egg for it. She seemed quite upset. Does she have to right to be if she has done it to me?
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19 Mar 08
That does kind of suck actually. My mother-in-laws bday is the day before xmas. I always buy her a b-day gift and give it to her a week before hand then get her something for x-mas also. Same with my brother-in-law. His bday is a week before x-mas, but it still gets put in with x-mas. I do the same thing for him. Have you ever thought about asking your parents to throw you an actual birthday party 2 weeks before xmas? Me and my brother have bdays 2 weeks apart. So when I was younger we would throw a joint birthday party normally right around his bday. So about 2 weeks before my b-day. Explaine to your parents how you feel about it along with your friends. Tell them that you feel that your birthday is getting ignored due to the holiday. Find out if they wouldnt mind having a party a few weeks in advance or even a few weeks after x-mas. I know its never the same, but it is something to think about. Explain to your one friend that she gave you a joint present for your b-day and xmas and that you feel she should not be upset about what you want to do for her b-day. As they say do as to others as you would do unto you. or sumin like that.
19 Mar 08
Thank you for your response. See the thing is, another problem with the party matter is something I was about to make a new topic on. My parents are in their 60's, which is obviously quite old for my age, and we are living off their pension - which isn't too big itself. This just causes more problems, especially with them being the ages they are, 60 and 64, as they cannot cope very well anymore with teenagers ands stuff anyway so I would not want to upset them with getting them to sort out and manage a party nowadays, as much as it is upsetting to miss. There is also the fact I have a brother in his last 30's that always almost has us down in London at Christmas with him, as much as I hate being away at Christmas and get no choice in the matter. I find this even worse as the presents I get seem even less, with everything stretched out to so many days and stuff when it happens. My brothers girlfriend wont travel up to us, and so how ever much I try and detest about me being forced away for my Birthday, I get no say. However, I suppose I could ask for a couple of friends to stay over some time instead. The only problem there is that Christmas isn't the best time for trying to pick friends that get along I find! I bet my life is sounding ever so miserable. Thank you again for your ideas and opinions though. Its nice what you do for your brother and mother in laws!