do you believe in superstitions?

March 18, 2008 8:29pm CST
e.g. black cat simbolizes death or bad luck. it may sound old-fashioned to talk about superstitions nowadays. but i'm just wondering if you ever heard some. do you believe them?
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@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
3 Apr 08
yes, there are a few i have heard of... like its bad luck to break mirrors.. and someone you know is in danger when you break a glass you are holding.. or something breakable... i have heard about bad lucks when a cat crosses your path... and its also 7 years of bad luck if you killed a cat, acidentally or not... :)
@pkc3000 (1268)
• India
22 Mar 08
Dear friends in the mylot forum superstitious topic is very much interest . Some body told that it is bogus and tohers told there is some belief. But I strongly felt the existence of superstitious. If you have marked that when a new job is started by some one he is very much particular about auspicious day, date, and search for muhurat so that his work will be completed within time and without any problem. Many Indian flim actor also follow the same path before releasing or signing a picture as there is always uncertainty about the success. I also believe the same. pkc3000
@coffeeshot (3786)
• Australia
19 Mar 08
I don't worry about things like a black cat or walking under a ladder. I think that's a load of rubbish that was made up a long time ago. However there is one superstition that I still hold- that is doing the sign of the holy cross when an ambulance flies past with all its sirens on. I rememebr my mother always doing this when I was little and I guess it's just stuck with me! I feel 'wrong' if I don't do it...somewhat vulnerable. I know it's just a superstition but I think superstitions are also habits or something to do with obsessive compulsive disorder!