Potato alternative to white rice?

@st3ph_17 (146)
March 18, 2008 9:03pm CST
I live in Asia and rice is the staple food in this part of the world. But I know white rice is not very healthy and could easily make you fat. An alternative to it is brown rice, but I just don't like the taste of it. So I was thinking if Potato could be an alternative. Potato that is not fried or has any other fats.. just plain potato.. so how do you cook it? Just boil it? Do you put salt or anything? What vegetables could be eaten with it? How do you cook these vegetables to make it healthy? Thanks!
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19 Mar 08
I'm with you, I don't like brown rice. It's just too dry. I like the white, sticky stuff! lol You can cook potatoes in a million ways. You can boil them whole, halved or cut up into chunks. You can bake them. You can cook them in the microwave. You can make baked fries. You can make mashed potatoes! Potatoes will go with anything! I do put salt and pepper on mine. Most people cover them with cheese and butter, but, really, I prefer them with either a little sour cream or just plain with salt and pepper. You can put cut up green onions, parsley and just about any other herb or spice that you like on them. They have a wonderful earthy taste. I usually boil mine whole with the skin on. When you can insert a fork in them, they are done. Then I drain them, cut them in half and add salt, pepper and whatever else I fancy that day. Hope you enjoy them!
@st3ph_17 (146)
• Philippines
19 Mar 08
thanks for the information! I really love potatoes especially when they are fried or when they are smothered with cheese and sourcream and bacon. however, I would like a healthier/less fatty version of potatoes. Last night, I boiled the potatoes and added salt and pepper to it however it wasn't as good as the fried and "pimped" potatoes. Hahaha! I was just wondering if there is another way to make it tastier but still healthy/non-fattening.
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
21 Mar 08
Hi there... Two ways you can eat a potato without any adding fats to it, are either boiling it with a pinch or 2 of salt, and or washing it good, leaving the skin on, poking holes all over it with a fork and cooking on high in a microwave for 6-8 minutes, we usually put a little knob of butter on ours, but nothings stopping you from having a dry one... Anyway brown rice is something I also like to eat, with soy sauce through it...