We have the same sun

March 19, 2008 12:04am CST
Two-camps world has over. It is replaced by One-humanity world. We are now -- as a people -- facing the same problems, flooding, natural-disasters, global-warming,drought,deseases, and many more. To solve that problem, we cant do that alone. We need to cooperate and establish strong cooperation to fight the common problem. Be wise, please, we are living under the same Sun, so dont ever again do something selfish, or impose our own will on ohers. This is the safe-entrance to foster global-commitment for the sake of one humanity......
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@urbandekay (18312)
22 Mar 08
Well, it is not that simple, for in many countries we find both rich and poor. Arab countries particularly suffer from the incredibly rich while many live in poverty. UN reports show that even in the most oil rich Arab countries little of the wealth has benefited the common man. Corruption and war also play a significant part, some African countries for instance have mineral wealth but this is not used beneficially but squandered by greedy presidents and their cronies or devoted to war. How much better would the lot of the common man be if Arab nations stopped their persecution of Israel and devoted that effort and money to looking after their own people. One might think the same of US where their spending on Iraq would provide much needed improvements in welfare. all the best urban