Can Emulators Replace Computer games?Or a Computer games piracy?

March 19, 2008 3:23am CST
As technology goes, more programmers try to emulate the games to be playable on PC.In my opinion, theres no perfect technology or programs that can replace/mimic those games.Do you think it helps the gaming industry or a part of piracy?
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@twangy (9)
24 Mar 08
Some emulators are very good now. MAME anyone! which does a near perfect job of emulation. With regards to piracy technically yes there are piracy laws being broken, but the only machines which can be emulated well are all old machines where the games arent sold new anymore and so no more revenue can be generated from them. But as these titles have been copyrighted and they havent been released into the public domain it is still piracy. Unless you own the original ROM. But then why wouldnt you just play it on your console?
• United States
23 Mar 08
id say its both. cause sometimes after youve played an emulated game, its just not the same on the computer and you want to go out and buy it to play on a console.