Help me with dogs please..

March 19, 2008 4:58am CST
My host family left me a dog to take care of, now that they are on easter vacation. I never hate dogs but Im not saying that I love them. Theres no problem with them, actually. I can live with them. But this dog is pesting me off. It gives me headache. She doesnt eat her food. She wants and craves for my food. And my host family told me not to give her other food except of dog food. I have to put her on the room where she used to sleep, and where her food is, just by chance she will eat her food. But she would bang the door and it would create loud noise. So i have to let her out. But, everytime I would leave her alone in any of the rooms, when i come back, i could see her eating the tissue paper from the bathroom, the plants in the corridor, the dustpan and anything that she can gnaw. AHHHH!! I'm beginning to lose my temper with this dog.. what should I do? Have you tried being in this situation?
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@Ldyjarhead (10157)
• United States
19 Mar 08
Did the dog do any of these things while your host family was home? If not, it sounds like she may have 'separation anxiety' because she misses them. Dogs will often not eat or start chewing, using the bathroom in the house, etc, if their routine is changed. Does she have any favorite toys that you could entertain her with? Could you take her for walks to keep her busy (and wear her out)? Is there any clothes of theirs in the laundry that you could keep near her? Maybe sweatshirts or t-shirts or something? (I'm not suggesting you should go through their dirty undies or anything). Maybe the smell of them near her will help. I hope it works out for you soon ...
• Norway
20 Mar 08
Actually, he also eat things even though my host family is home. They would tell me often to close the door in the living room because she might eat/gnaw anything that she can see. She has a lot of toys, in her room or outside her room. I often let her out in the garden for fresh air and let her play outside for a couple of minutes. I dont know, maybe she just misses the kids because they usually play with her. Thanks for your suggestions and help..