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March 19, 2008 8:49am CST
Those who has arabic name, and find himself just arrived at USA will become the object of extra surveilance at the airport. Some extra questions will be asked by guards, such as, where do u come from? For what purpose are u coming here? For how long will u stay here? These questions are closely connected with hard fact, that is your arabic name, such as: Muhammad Yusuf, Mohd Rizanul, Hisyam Muhammad, Muhammad Yunus Rashid, Ghulam Mirza Ahmad, Riyadhi Salamah, Muhammad Faisal Reza......and soon. These names are the most unpopular names in the USA especially amidt the anti-terrorist era. The situation will be more serious and difficult when those people come from SE-Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, or from Pakistan, Iran, and soon. Those who has western-oriented name -- although come from Asia -- will be luckier as they will find no extra surveillance on them. There are many Asians whose names are western-oriented names, such as: Charles Hutagalung, Richard Pranoto, Derek Manangka, Iwan Sembiring, Johnny Pardede, etc.... This hard fact make us feel so sad. How could it happen? They have lost their humanity, I guess.
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@urbandekay (18312)
22 Mar 08
Yes and lets hope the authorities are a little more sophisticated and rely on more than just the name but look also at the background of the person. It i a good thing, authorities that failed to do this would be endangering the public, now that really would be a loss of humanity. all the best urban