men, do you buy clothes alone?

March 19, 2008 10:35am CST
I just wanna ask mylot-ers here especially guy... Do you choose and buy your own clothes? Or do you need a woman to choose it for you? Do you have a particular way or style? Do you think your dress also very important for your appearance? Do you have specific a design, model, style or brand? Hmmm, i ask this just based on my curiosity, because guy almost does not want to go around the mall or shopping as woman do.....
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@nilouette (635)
• Philippines
21 Mar 08
No I don't. I usually let my wife choose for me...
@bowtieguy (5930)
• United States
21 Mar 08
Except when shopping for my sons I usualy shop for clothes alone, unless they want to come with me I don't make them. I do have a particular style as seen in my avatar, my dress is a very important part of my apperance especially for work. Most of my clothing budget is spent on dress items shirts, ties, ect. I am not parcial to any one brand, there are a few stores that I stay true to but they sell a variety of brands there. I do not like the mall, I think it is way too crowded and has too many stores I don't like to shop at. I do like shopping when there are good sales going on and only at my most favorite stores or when I am shopping for someone else or with someone else.
@unuzzz (1274)
• Indonesia
19 Mar 08
hi manya_pearl hahaa, yeah some guys don't like go around for shopping most of them shop instantly but i don't LoL.. i prefer to shop slowly and think which items suitable for me i always take someone with me, either it's my sister or my close girl's friend i like cheap clothes, but i don't mind get a branded one but if i can get the cheap ones, then i'll just go with the cheap.. LoL cheap clothes don't always fit you right, so that's why i need someone to accompany me for advices my style is casual but sleek yups, the way i dress is really important for me by dressing well, we can obtain good impressions from people and believe me, from dressing well, i got lots of opportunities.. ^^ thanks manya_pearl !!
@p1kef1sh (45640)
19 Mar 08
I do both. I prefer to choose for myself and then ask my wife to come along when I make the purchase. If she hates it then I don't buy. If we go together we end up going to hundreds of shops and then returning t the first one to make the purchase. A bit like shopping for women's clothes! When I worked away from home I used to get a female colleague to help me sometimes. She had superb taste in clothes and knew what I looked right in.
@mark17779 (667)
19 Mar 08
I go out and purchase all my own clothes. I fall in to the category of "casual or trendy" here in the UK which is usually jeans, t-shirt, jumper,trainers and I usually purchase designer name brands such as Hugo Boss and Versace
@azahari33 (221)
• Malaysia
19 Mar 08
I ususally prefer to go shopping especially for clothes with someone. It helps when you have someone aroound who can give you ideas on clothes. But then it usually ends up as a window shopping trip and I don't buy anything. Whenever I do buy anything, I'm usually alone.