what to do when you want a change of life

@HACOCO (23)
March 19, 2008 12:12pm CST
i was once told by an elder in my youth full years that if want a thing new in your life you have to go for it like you have never done in life,truly he said it well go after what you want like not you will die if you dont take it like hard. (to get a new stuff your act is needed to be abnormal) WHAT DO YOU THINK...?
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@gabrielle47 (1221)
• Philippines
19 Mar 08
Well I agree to what is told to you that if you want change, then you should go for it and do all things possible to make that change happen and really want the change. But I dont agree that you have to act abnormal to get the new stuff that you wanted. Maybe get out of your way or be not in the norm with all others but get of your way to get it. Its like maybe, doing things like you ahve never done before just to get to your dreams! As the saying goes, no matter how impossible what you want is, there is always a way if you really believe that you can have it. At most times, I do that and go out of my way to prove to myself and others that I can achieve the things I want to have a change of life. We are the ones who make our life and its up to us to change it.