Hey! What Happened To Elistz!?!

Anderson, Indiana
March 19, 2008 3:08pm CST
While looking for places to place free ads about Invisible Youth Network a couple of months ago, I came across a place called Elistz. I was very impressed--so much so that I ended up upgrading to its reasonable six-month package. After that, I've been running ads on a variety of subjects and continuing to be impressed. Then, today, I find out that service is unavailable--and it hasn't been fixed yet! I thought that it might be down for upgrading or something, so I've checked my e-mail for correspondence from them, but no warnings were there. In fact the only correspondence was that from a day or two ago saying that a couple of my ads had been approved. If anybody can shed some light on this subject, that would be appreciated. Are there any fellow Elistz-users out there or anyone knowing someone who has used this service (besides me, of course)?
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