March 20, 2008 3:01am CST
what is the highest earning so far??? has anyone ever got paid??
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@subha12 (18453)
• India
20 Mar 08
I think other than Mylot admin, no body knows who is paid the most here in Mylot, right? But it really pays. i had been paid thrice till date. this month i have already reached payout and hopefully be paid within 15th April for 4th time.
20 Mar 08
@mark17779 (667)
20 Mar 08
1st of all welcome to mylot newbie... Well I have seen a mylot user with over 17,000 rating and by my calculations (may be wrong so dont take it for granted) you get about $0.01 per post so that guy must of earned about $170.00. I f you can gets of referals and they stay active, that way they can earn you money and you dont have to post to maintain a steady income of $$$$$
20 Mar 08
Thanks..... that is a lot of ratings, he must have afew referrals or post daily. Cheers for responding
@tjades (3592)
• Jamaica
20 Mar 08
Since I am new here I had a similar concern and so I asked if the amount I received for my first earning was a good star or not. I got some great response. These guys on mylot are really helpful. Well I have not reached paid out status as yet (obviously), would be quiet a bang if did so in such a short time, but the responses do give me much hope. Why dont you visit my page and take apeek at the comments. Im sure you'll find them quiet useful as well. (lol)