Do you think that the PS2 is out of date?

the ps2 - a limite editin of ps2 in whight
March 20, 2008 5:02am CST
I personaly cant make up my mined as the PS2 still has games built for it but, in trade in you only get a best £1 for them. Like Grand turismo 4 i love it but i think the grafics are rubish as thay just are. Well compaerd to xbox 360 and PS3. Wat do you think of them, good or bad?
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@mark17779 (667)
20 Mar 08
Graphically compared to the likes of the ps3 and xbox 360 then yes it is outdated. But not every body can afford to pay £200+ to purchase the latest computer and that is why the ps2 will still be having new games made for it. The great thing about the ps2 is that it is backwards compatable and will play ALL ps1 games. Where as the ps3 will play ps2 games but i think it needs to be the elite spec one. And with xbox 360 that will play SOME xbox games but you need to download some program to make them work......... I hope the ps2 is around for many years as its a great little machine that in my expierence never goes wrong no matter how bad its treated.
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