Does it really annoy you when people cut you off when speaking?

@kiran1978 (4139)
March 20, 2008 8:00am CST
I know this has all happened to us here, maybe a few times, or maybe it happens to you regularly. I would like to hear your experiences with this topic. Do you get cut off when speaking to people? By whom? If so, do you continue to speak, or let the other person take over the conversation? ARe you brave enough to tell that person how rude they are for butting in half way though your sentence? Some people have bad habits of doing this, it can become very frustrating. It is also annoying when another person speaks for you. For example when we used to go to dinner at my partners parents house. You would ask a question to his father and the mum would often answer the question for him or she would cut in half way through his answer. I often feel embarassed when this happens to people. How about you, is this something that happens alot to you? Or are you the guilty one, lol??