trouble with the economy

United States
March 20, 2008 5:36pm CST
So I just came back from the store and bought maybe a total of 7 things and it came to 25 bucks....doesnt sound bad but come on. If I was to buy a weeks worth it is close to 100.00 dollars. I am thinking of getting some chickens and cows to just save a few However with the jobs so few and far between, wages barely able to pay your bills, gas prices so high soon you wont even be able to drive to work, what does our government expect us to do? There will be some drastic changes soon if nothing is done. We are already headed into a scratch that we are in one. If people keep losing jobs crime rates are going to sky rocket because trust me people will do whatever it takes to provide for a family. That leads into higher drug smuggling, more people willing to risk it to sell it, more people on the streets, this is going to get real bad real fast here in the good ole U.S. of A.. Yet I still see those commercials asking people to send money to starving people in other countries. Nor offense but open your eyes everyone and start seeing things for what they are not how the government is telling you how they are. We are in a downward spiral and no I have no idea what to do about it like everyone else but at least i am clearly aware of the problem. I just think its about time Americans stop being so docile and allowing this to happen and do something about it. Stand up and be heard, voice an opinion, write a letter to your congressman, something. p.s. yes i realize somethings may be spelled wrong but no spell check so you will deal
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