One day .. if you only had one day left ?

March 21, 2008 1:08am CST
One day . if you only had one day left.. what would you want to do .. who would you want to live with.. and so on ... maybe it thinkingful question .
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• China
21 Mar 08
Well, to be honest, i had never thought of this before. Maybe i will be shocked when i am really in this situation. But if i really have only one day left, first i'll see my family, tell them i love them,and thank them all for their care about me, then i will call my friends, thank them for the good old days which they had spent with me; and then i will spend the day with my boyfriend, i will tell him some words from the bottom of my heart which i had never told him before. and i will have a nice, romantic meal with him, do some things which we both want to do, and kiss goodbye, at night i will lie in the bed ,listening to some light music, thinking of all the things i have done in my short life.So at the end of the day i will die peacefully without regret...=)
@manya_pearl (1905)
• Singapore
30 Mar 08
I wanna live with my parents, sister, and my bf~husband. wahaha... Yeah... i just wanna make the last day as the last gift to make them happy. Perhaps i will cook their favorite dishes, and buy the things they really want (even they never said it to me, i will investigate it...ahahah) lol. I will tell them sorry for all bad and mistake i've made and thank you for their loves and cares about me. I think that time will be the most crying time... I will call my friends one by one and say to them sorry and thank you to be my friends, and talk about those crazy things i've made with them... Yeah, i will spend the whole day for a very meaningful time... And in my last breath, i wanna have a rest while i'm hugging my man... Hmmm... Its so difficult to see our love ones crying for us... Its seemed i dont have any reason to leave them... How about you???
• China
31 Mar 08
spend the last day with my parents.
@sophialin (2678)
• China
7 Jun 08
i will spend the last time with my family.we may go out for a meal,take a walk after supper or visit some place we never been but want to go all the time. since i havn't a boyfriend so far,the closest people for me in the world are my i'll make use of every moment getting along well with them.
@aowaow (1517)
• Indonesia
22 Mar 08
find how to live for tomorrow.